Monthly Archives: February 2008

Borough of Wrangell will see new mayor

As revealed during Tuesday night's city council meeting, Wrangell is in the market for a new mayor. KSTK's Lisa Phu brings us the story.

Study says cut to electricity rate is possible

Based on the results of a recent study, residents of Wrangell may see a cut in electricity rates. These results were revealed Monday night during a city council workshop. KSTK's Lisa Phu attended this workshop and files this report.

School board tables motion to fund baseball and softball

How high school baseball and softball will be funded after this season is one question that did not get answered during the last school board meeting. While student participation for these two sports is definite, enough money in the school budget is not. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Port workshop focuses on raising port yard rates

For an island community, barges are a lifeline. In order to have barges come in, a town needs to have a good barge facility. With Wrangell's barge ramp being over thirty years old, harbormaster Greg Meissner is concerned about the future. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Students add real voice to lobbying issues

Earlier this month, three Wrangell high school students accompanied by three adults went up to Juneau to lobby for Wrangell schools. To ensure that Wrangell's schools had a voice, these students had to exercise their own. KSTK's Lisa Phu talked to seniors Allie McMurren, Rebecca Armstrong, and junior Sam Comstock about their recent experience in Juneau.

City dump will no longer be eye sore

One day in the not so distant future, Wrangell resident may want to have a picnic on the city dump. Turning the dump into a grassy knoll is currently in the works. KSTK's Lisa Phu spoke recently with public works superintendent Carl Johnson about the city's landfill project.

Alaska Crossings celebrates 75th program

Alaska Crossings, a division of Alaska Island Community Services, will be running their seventy-fifth program in the beginning of March. KSTK's Lisa Phu talks with assistant director Lucy Robinson about how Crossings is celebrating this milestone event.

Wrangell establishes RFP review committee

The deadline to turn in proposals for management of the Wrangell cold storage facility and Wrangell’s belt freezer was last Friday, February 15. As of the last city council meeting, these proposals will not be dealt with through five-member RFP review committees as was previously advertised. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

SEARHC honors Ethel Lund

The Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium, or SEARHC, has recently renamed their Juneau Medical Center as the Ethel Lund Medical Center. Born and raised in Wrangell, Lund graduated from Wrangell High School in 1949 and went on to become one of the most influential figures in Native healthcare in the region. KSTK's Lisa Phu files this report.

How to vote for or against a Wrangell borough

The city of Wrangell is on its way to becoming the city and borough of Wrangell. And there's only one thing keeping this from becoming a reality – a vote. The Division of Elections will be holding an election on May 6 to determine whether or not Wrangell should become a borough. KSTK's Lisa Phu spoke with city clerk Christie Jamieson to find out how every individual can cast a vote.