Monthly Archives: March 2008

Distance learning at UAS reaches Wrangell

Last week two representatives from the University of Alaska Southeast were in Wrangell talking to high school students about post-secondary education. One of the features of UAS is the opportunity to take courses through distance learning. This is available for students in high school as well as for adults. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Wrangell travelift will go on one-month summer hiatus

In an effort to keep up with federal and state environmental standards, including the Clean Water Act, the city of Wrangell will be installing a wash down pad and treatment center as part of the city travelift. This will cause the boat haul-out facility to be closed for one month this summer, but harbor master Greg Meissner doesn't think that will stop the momentum of business. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Another ammonia leak at Wrangell Seafoods

Late Tuesday night around midnight, the fire department responded to a call reporting the smell of ammonia coming from Wrangell Seafoods. DEC has been notified and the leak is considered minor. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Hospice of Wrangell symposium this Friday and Saturday

The Hospice of Wrangell is offering a two-session symposium on Friday night and Saturday morning to introduce and start training anyone who is interested. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Wrangell council contemplates Tyee feasibility study

In light of a possible divestiture of the Four Dam Pool, which may result in a two dam pool between Tyee and Swan Lake, Wrangell city council member Ernie Christian made an interesting motion – to study the feasibility of Tyee being a stand-alone project. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Wrangell council does not sign agreement with Cascade Creek

The Washington-state company that wants to develop a network of hydro-power plants in Thomas Bay near Petersburg has asked the city of Wrangell to enter into a confidential agreement about potentially working together on the project. In response, Wrangell city councilors this week categorically denied agreeing to work with the company, and took no action on the proposal, which the city's attorney advised could be challenged under open records law. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Pre-register for health fair this Friday and Saturday

Pre-registration for the 2008 Health Fair is taking place this Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at Bobs' IGA and City Market. This is for people interested in signing up for any of the three health screenings taking place during the Health Fair. KSTK's Lisa Phu spoke with Fursteneau, to find out more about the screenings.

Borough committee answers public's questions

The borough committee has been busy getting information to the public. Various individuals have posed questions, and the committee has been supplying the answers. These can be found on fliers in city hall, the public safety building, and the library. They are also being published in the Wrangell Sentinel. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports on what some of these questions are.

Almost everyone eligible for 2008 Economic Stimulus Payment

April 15 is the normal deadline for filing taxes. And this year there is an added incentive to do so – the 2008 Economic Stimulus Payment. Almost everyone is eligible to receive anywhere between $300 and $600 this coming May. And Wrangell's AARP's Tax-Aide counselor Anne Schnell wants to make sure that happens. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Rep. Wilson busy with ferry authority bill

House District Two representative Peggy Wilson was home in Wrangell this past weekend. It's been her first visit since January. Before jumping on a plane back to Juneau, she dropped by KSTK to talk about House Bill 294, her gripe with the ninety-day session, and what she'll be doing after the session ends. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.