Monthly Archives: April 2008

Proposed borough charter is different than city charter

The people of Wrangell will soon get to vote on whether or not the city of Wrangell should become its own borough. Included in this vote is the adoption of the proposed borough charter, which differs from the current city charter adopted in 2004. KSTK's Lisa Phu files this report.

Lions Club extends help to hearing-imparied

There will be over 45 booths at this year's annual health fair, which is taking place on Saturday at the Nolan Center from 7 am to noon. The public will be able to learn about health services offered in Wrangell as well as throughout southeast. Two of the booths will be put on by the Wrangell Lions Club. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Spawn-on-kelp fishery in Ernest Sound

For the second year ever, the Department of Fish and Game will have a spawn-on-kelp fishery in the Wrangell-Petersburg area in Ernest Sound. The first Ernest Sound fishery took place in 2004 with roughly 50 permit holders. Other spawn-on-kelp fisheries taking place in southeast are in Craig and Hoonah Sound. KSTK's Lisa Phu finds out how spawn-on-kelp is commercially harvested and who it's harvested for.