Monthly Archives: May 2008

Alaska Growth Capital bids for Wrangell Seafods, Inc.

Alaska Growth Capital has bid on the Wrangell Seafoods promissory note for $1 million. This was the city of Wrangell's second attempt at selling the note that is, at face value, worth $1.4 million.

Wrangell questions feasibility of Tyee being one dam pool

In the midst of a possible four dam pool divestiture, the Wrangell city council wants to determine if Tyee Lake can be a stand-alone hydroelectric project.

Ten Energy Saving Tips

Wrangell is currently running diesel generators for their electricity while Tyee goes thought it's annual maintenance. Customers will be paying a fuel surcharge during the two weeks Tyee will be down and this on top of the ever rising cost of electricity means that consumers need to know about ways to conserve energy. KSTK's Kelley Decker compiled this top ten list of ways you can reduce your electric bill.

Wrangell council may sign confidentiality agreement with Cascade Creek

The Wrangell city council decided to preliminarily sign the confidentiality and non-circumvention agreement with private company Cascade Creek, LLC. The decision was made despite some concerns raised by former city attorney Mitch Seaver. Cascade Creek is trying to develop a network of hydroelectric projects in Thomas Bay north of Petersburg. The projects are jointly called the Thomas Bay Energy Development.

Tyee shuts down to maintain smooth operation

The annual shutdown of the Tyee Lake hydroelectric project is currently taking place and is scheduled to last two weeks. This means that until Tyee is back on, Wrangell is getting their electricity through diesel generators. And Wrangell residents are paying for it.

Seaday brings students closer to the sea

Last week, the elementary students went out to Shoemaker beach for seaday. With the help of some high school juniors, the Forest Service, teachers, and parent helpers, the students got a glimpse into the secret life of the sea.

Wrangell trial court will pass on passport duties

As of June 1, the Wrangell Trial Court will no longer be serving as a passport acceptance facility. Until a new one is established in town, Wrangell residents will have to travel elsewhere to apply for a new passport.

Parks and rec has full spring/summer schedule

It's time to mark your calendar for the upcoming youth, health, and fitness opportunities being offered by the Wrangell Parks and Rec.

IFA makes changes to northern route

The Inter-island Ferry Authority has just started their season of service between Coffman Cove, Wrangell, and south Mitkof Island. And passengers may see some changes.

Wrangell votes yes to boroughhood

According to unofficial results, Wrangell will become a borough. The over-two year process came to a tentative end the evening of Tuesday, May 6, when a state board convened and counted the election ballots. But, it will still be another three weeks until boroughhood for Wrangell is finalized.