Monthly Archives: June 2008

Teleradiology comes to Wrangell Medical Center

The Wrangell Medical Center has recently gone digital for x-rays, mammograms, and ultrasounds. This means a faster turnaround time in getting results, higher resolution for images, and most importantly, better patient care.

Wrangell still hasn't signed agreement with Cascade Creek

The borough assembly of Wrangell has not signed a confidentiality and non-circumvention agreement with Cascade Creek LLC. But the possibility of it happening is still there.

Ongoing summer activities at Parks and Rec

With school out and summer almost here, Wrangell's parks and rec department has recently started up the kids summer rec program and adult summer softball league. But, it's still not too late to register for either.

Stikine flats has largest abundance of Dungeness crab in region

The commercial Dungeness crab fishery in southeast starts this Sunday, June 15. In the last few years, the Stikine flats has been one of the biggest producers of Dungeness crab and the Department of Fish and Game is expecting the same this year.

Seattle's Dukes ChowderHouse features Stikine River kings

Duke Moscrip is one individual responsible for making Stikine River king salmon part of the Seattle dining experience. His six restaurants in the Puget Sound area, all named Dukes ChowderHouse, feature Stikine kings in dishes like blueberry and goat cheese salmon and pan-seared wild salmon. Recently, Moscrip and a few of his staff spent some time in Wrangell getting education on how Stikine kings are caught and processed.

Hiking club gets going this Saturday

In honor of National Get Outdoors Month, Wrangell's hiking club will be having their inaugural hike up Rainbow Falls this Saturday. And everyone is encouraged to participate.

WSI set to manage Wrangell's public cold storage

During Tuesday night's assembly meeting, the city of Wrangell approved the proposals received from Wrangell Seafoods, Inc. for the management of the belt freezer and cold storage facilities.

Forest Service LEO clarifies job duties

By now everyone knows or has heard of T.J. Friend, Wrangell's current law enforcement officer of the Forest Service. While his title, Officer Friend, should denote a sense of safety and congeniality, the Wrangell ranger district has received a few complains suggesting otherwise. Recently, Friend stopped by the KSTK studio to clear up some misconceptions surrounding his position within the community.

Wrangell garnet sellers are hard at work

Selling garnets to tourists is an age old tradition for Wrangell kids. Hot spots for selling the local gem include the Nolan Center and the ferry terminal. Last Thursday, KSTK's Lisa Phu wandered down to the cruise ship dock when the Empress of the North was in port and interview two Wrangell garnet sellers Corey Goicoechea and Devin Miller.

Oregon resident wins Wrangell's 56th King Salmon Derby

Oregon-resident Jan Herron won Wrangell's 56th Annual King Salmon Derby with a 41.2-pound fish. The last day of the derby was Sunday, June 8, ending thirty days of competitive fishing around Wrangell.