Monthly Archives: August 2008

Steven Samuelson, republican candidate for District 2 house representative

The 2008 primary election is taking place on Tuesday August 26. Voters will get to weigh in on four ballot measures and there are candidate races for United States senator, United States representative, state senator, and state representative. For district two, which encompasses Wrangell, Petersburg, and Sitka, there are four candidates running to fill the seat of house representative – two candidates running in the republican primary and two candidates running in the democratic primacy. This week KSTK will air interviews with all four candidates. Today we'll hear an interview with Steven Samuelson. Samuelson is a resident of Petersburg and is running in the republican primary against Peggy Wilson.

Surging price of groceries affects everyone

As the prices on the gas marquee rise higher and higher, so do the prices in the grocery store aisles. Whether it's due to higher energy costs or the growing demand of biodiesel, the rising cost of food is affecting everyone – from the restaurant owner to the family of nine. As part of a CoastAlaska series exploring how southeast Alaskans are adjusting to the high cost of energy, KSTK's Lisa Phu finds out how people are doing when it comes to buying groceries. Click on "more" to hear other reports in this series.

Water meter ordinance aims to curb water waste

At the last regular meeting, the borough assembly passed the first reading of an ordinance that would require industrial users to implement water meters. The goal is to reduce water consumption.

Women can rally for a cure at Muskeg Meadows

For 25 years, Susan G. Komen for a Cure has contributed nearly $1 billion to breast cancer research, community grants for breast health and treatment, and outreach programs. This Saturday, Wrangell women have the opportunity to take part in this effort. Muskeg Meadows is once again holding the Susan G. Komen Rally for a Cure golf event.

Wrangell attorney explains how to fix breach of Open Meetings Act

Last month a Wrangell resident wrote a letter to the borough clerk and borough manager requesting that they investigate what she believed to a breach of Alaska's open meetings act by the borough assembly. To remedy the possible breach, Wrangell's borough attorney recommended that the meeting in question take place again.

A night of Italian opera in Wrangell

A Night of Italian Opera with Holly Levine is not only a benefit performance to raise money for a Nolan Center piano, it's also a reason to get dressed up and hear a sampling of opera's famous arias.

Valery McCandless returns from the big city

Former two-term mayor of Wrangell, Valery McCandless, recently spent the past year in New York City with her daughter, Trina. McCandless worked as a liaison for a children's hospital, navigated her way through Manhattan by subway, and, even among the city's 8-million people, found a special place for escape.

Four Dam Pool board work out Copper Valley's tax concerns

The board of the Four Dam Pool Power Agency gathered in Anchorage last week for a special meeting. The board further discussed the asset transfer agreement of the possible future break-up and came to a preliminary arrangement that seems to resolve Copper Valley's concerns.

Wrangell runners take on marathons

Wrangell resident Dale McMurren recently completed his second full marathon. McMurren ended up taking eighth place in Juneau's Frank Maier Marathon on August 2 with a time of 3 hours, 31 minutes, and 38 seconds. McMurren is just one of several marathon runners in Wrangell.

Late paychecks cause a stir outside Wrangell Seafoods

Earlier this week, employees of Wrangell Seafoods Incorporated went to pick up their paychecks, only to be told they were not available. This comes within a week of assurance from the seafoods processing company that employees will be paid on time.