Monthly Archives: August 2008

AGC says foreclosure sale for WSI plant is scheduled

A notice of default and deed of trust foreclosure sale was issued to Wrangell Seafoods Incorporate by their biggest creditor, Alaska Growth Capital, at the end of last month. Alaska Growth Capital says Wrangell Seafoods has until the foreclosure sale date to take care of the $5.6 million-loan. If arrangements aren't made by then, the seafood processing facility as well as the equipment are up for sale.

Wrangell schools wonder where money will come from

With the fate of the Secure Rural Schools Act still undecided in the U.S. legislature, school districts throughout the country will be entering the academic year with questionable budgets. The Secure Rural Schools Act, also known as timber receipts, provides $400 million to schools in communities which were once dependent on the timber industry. For Wrangell schools, this money makes up roughly 12% of the district's total budget. Figuring out where this money will come from was the topic of Tuesday night's meeting between the borough assembly and the school board.

Trooper says to practic proper trip planning

With the hunting season upon us and colder weather soon to come, Wrangell's newest trooper, Joe Paul, would like to remind Wrangell residents of the importance of proper trip planning.

School in Edna Bay reopens after 8 years

After standing largely unused for the past eight years, the school in Edna Bay is going through a transformation. And that's because it's reopening its doors to students. Edna Bay is a community of roughly 50 year-round residents and the school closed in 2000. Since mid-July, a team of workers have been bringing it back to life.

Voters will decide on Clean Indoor Air Law

At Friday night's special borough assembly meeting, it was decided that the petition's ordinance on second-hand smoke exposure will go to the vote of the people. This means on October 7, Wrangell voters will get to answer the question: Shall the city and borough of Wrangell pass the Clean Indoor Air Law which would prohibit smoking in indoor public places and places of employment?

"Monday For Munchkins" program ends for the season

The Forest Service hosted a "2008 Monday for Munchkins" program this summer for three to five year olds. KSTK's Kelley Decker met up with Randy Pullman of the Forest Service and the munchkins on Reliance dock and files this story.

Creditor issues Wrangell Seafoods notice of foreclosure

A notice of default and deed of trust foreclosure sale was issued to Wrangell Seafoods Incorporated by Alaska Growth Capital on July 22. Alaska Growth Capital is the seafood processor's biggest creditor. The notice references eleven parcels in Wrangell that may be up for auction sale in October, but chairman of the Wrangell Seafoods board, Doug Roberts, says that's not going to happen.