Monthly Archives: September 2009

Steppin' Out in Wrangell for a 2-day dance clinic

Due to the efforts of a local group called Wrangell Youth Enrichment Alliance, more opportunities will become available to Wrangell's kids and students. One of these opportunities is a two-day dance clinic. This weekend, Steppin' Out Dance Studio from Petersburg will be in Wrangell offering classes to kids and students, kindergarten to high school, as well as classes for adults. KSTK's Lisa Phu reports.

Ballot Proposition Could Lead to New Playground at Evergreen Elementary School

Wrangell's Evergreen Elementary School could see improvements made to its 27 year old playground if voters approve a bond issue October 6. The aging facility has provoked the safety concerns of parents, teachers administrators alike. As Tony Gorman reports, the fix will require voters to approve a small increase in the local property tax rate.

2009 Wrangell Harvest Fair

Squashes, tomatoes, and carrots were just some of the vegetables on display at the First Annual Wrangell Harvest Fair. The fundraiser was an effort by the Wrangell Community Garden Project to raise money for a future community garden. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.

Harvest Fair celebrates a season of bounty in Wrangell

Wrangell residents are invited to celebrate the harvest season by attending the first annual Harvest Fair this Saturday at the hospital lobby. The event, organized by the Community Garden Project, will feature activities for kids, a stew and soup cook-off, a farmers market, compost education, a traditional foods booth, and much more. KSTK's Lisa Phu gives us the information.

Wrangell School District and Wrangell Assembly Prepare for Financial Future

This week, members of the Wrangell Assembly and the Wrangell School District over the future of funds from the Secure Rural Schools Act. The purpose of the legislation is provide funding for schools in areas that are hurting from a declining timber industry. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Wrangellites Eager for Flu Shots

Locals eager for flu shots will have to wait at least another week for the vaccine for the regular seasonal flu and three weeks for H1N1 flu vaccine. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

WMC Employees on the Assembly?

At this week's meeting, Wrangell Assembly discussed the possibility of allowing the Wrangell Medical Center employees to run for future Assembly seats. The issue was compared to other selection processes in the borough. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

WHS X-Country Place Second and Seventh in Final Tune-Up before Regional Meet

The WHS Cross Country team continues to impress as they head into this week's Regional Meet in Juneau. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more on their performance in last week's Ketchikan Invitational.

Wrangellites Are Encouraged to Recycle Through Local Program

The Lion's Club is making sure Wrangell is greener while raising money in the process. The organization's recycling program has been around for nearly a decade and raised money to support local programs. Dennis Strom has run the program for the Lion's Club since its inception. KSTK's Tony Gorman had a chance to talk with Strom about the program and how Wrangellites can get involved.

Sun comes out for CAS Walkathon

Despite the rainy weekend, around 25 Wrangellites gathered at the Shoemaker rec site to participate in the first annual Walkathon for Children with Apraxia of Speech. The walk was organized by Holly Hammer and Victoria Martin to raise awareness of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, or CAS, as well as to raise funds. Carter Hammer, a five-year-old Wrangell child, has been diagnosed with CAS, which is a neurological disorder that affects motor speech skills. KSTK's Lisa Phu participated in the walk and files this audio postcard.