Monthly Archives: August 2010

WMC seeks local subcontractors for project

Officials put schematic designs of the new Wrangell Medical Center and Long-Term Care Facility on display this week for the public to the comment during an informational meeting at the Nolan Center. The meeting was also held to find local subcontractors for the project. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Wrangell students head back to school

The summer is over and it's time to hit the books. Wrangell students in kindergarten through 12th grade returned to school Wednesday morning. The Wrangell School District is looking to pick up where it left off from the 2009-2010 school year. Last year, the District saw its first meal program implemented and was ranked second academically in the state. KSTK's Tony Gorman spoke with Wrangell Superintendent Woody Wilson about District's goals for this year.

Wrangell Schools have to wait for new fire alarm system

It will take at least another year before the Wrangell School District replaces its aging fire alarm system. Obstacles with funding have hindered the process in recent years. The School District says the students are not at risk. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.

New warehouse constructed to attract new business

A local welding company owner went the extra step to boost business for the Wrangell Marine Services Center. Using shipping containers and a large white tarp, he and his crew were able to construct Wrangell's first covered boat warehouse. KSTK's Tony Gorman.

Buckwheat Donahue shares his stories with Wrangell

Buckwheat Donahue's day job is in the tourism industry, but some might think his hobby is his regular job. The Skagway resident has traveled throughout the western part of the nation sharing his hobby which is not new to many, but a jewel Southeast Alaska. Donahue recently shared his talents with Wrangeel during last month's Alaska Bearfest. KSTK's Tony Gorman went to his show and filed this report.

Wrangell reacts to former US Sen. Stevens' death.

Authorities confirmed earlier today that former US Senator Ted Stevens died following a plane crash near Dillingham. Authorities say the plane carrying Stevens, former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe, and seven others crashed Monday night en route to the Agulowak Lodge. Stevens and four others were killed. O'Keefe and his daughter were among the four who survived. Stevens served in the US Senate from 1968-2008. During his time in the Senate, he brought many projects and billions of dollars to Alaska. His long tenure came to an abrupt end in 2008, when he was convicted of seven counts of federal corruptions charges. A few weeks later, he narrowly lost his bid for re-election to current Democratic Senator Mark Begich. Stevens was 86. Here are some reactions from Wrangell.

Wrangell Boat Shop submits proposal for maintenance

A Wrangell boat shop is looking to the public for input on a recently submitted proposal to the Army Corps of Engineers on a possible maintenance project. The project calls for the replacement of one of its aging railways. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Anita Bay runs remain on point

This year has been good for the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) when it comes to Anita Bay. The summer chum and coho runs have done well in 2010. SSRAA expects the fall coho run to do well within the coming months. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.