Monthly Archives: September 2010

New Medical Center Project receives $19.5 Million from USDA

The US Department of Agriculture announced this week that several projects in Southeast Alaska will receive funding with the New Wrangell Medical Center Project topping the list. The announcement was made during a press conference during the Tongass Futures Roundtable in Ketchikan. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Wrangell Assembly raises concerns over hydropower project

The Wrangell Assembly went into this week's meeting looking for an update on a hydropower project only to come away with nothing. Last year, the Borough invested a quarter-million dollars in the development of hydropower at Swan Lake and hasn't heard much from the private company handling the project. Now, the Assembly is looking for answers. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Priests get new assignments in the Diocese of Juneau

There will be some new faces in new places in the Diocese of Juneau. Four priests have been reassigned in the Catholic Diocese that covers Southeast Alaska. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more...

Wrangell Assembly makes quick work of resolutions

Four resolutions were passed during this week's Wrangell Assembly meeting. The resolutions dealt with the upcoming local election, the Statewide Transportation Improvements Program, and a grant application from the Alaska Energy Authority. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Tax Free Days remain popular in Wrangell

A struggling economy doesn't seem to stop locals from coming out on Tax Free Days in Wrangell. The borough sales tax is set aside twice a year so shoppers can get more bang for their buck. But, how does a once-thriving timber community that has seen local businesses disappear hold such days? KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.

Timber for Chief Shakes Tribal House Renovation Project arrives in Wrangell

The first step in the Chief Shakes Tribal House Renovation Project is under way. The Stikine Kwaan, formerly known as the Wrangell Carving Shed Committee, marked the occasion by holding a ceremony in Downtown Wrangell. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Wrangell School District sees increase in enrollment

So far, the new school year has been good to the Wrangell School District. Last month, the District received some good news about its enrollment. Preliminary numbers show student enrollment is up for the first time in over a decade. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Damaged fishing vessel remains docked at Shoemaker

A fishing crew is okay after its vessel tipped over during low tide. Crews arrived at Shoemaker Harbor to find the vessel rolled over and on the nearby beach. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.

Candidates for Wrangell Election announced

The deadline to declare candidacy for this year's Wrangell Borough Election has come and gone. This year's list of candidates was announced during this week's Wrangell Assembly meeting. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Locals turnout for Wrangell Harvest Fair

Local gardeners displayed their talents over the weekend during the Second Annual Wrangell Harvest Fair. A whole array of locally grown produce was available for the public's viewing pleasure at the Wrangell High School Commons. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.