Monthly Archives: October 2010

Resource Advisory Committee to meet in Wrangell

The Resource Advisory Committee Meeting in Wrangell is under way. Representatives from Wrangell, Petersburg, and Kake will meet today and tomorrow at the Nolan Center to discuss funding for certain projects in their respective areas. Earlier this month, the committee announced it recommended three Wrangell projects for funding. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Lawmaker count rests in the hands of voters

Voters will decide on legislators in their respective districts when they hit the polls on November 2nd. Who those legislators will represent is another question. As KSTK's Tony Gorman reports, voters are faced with Ballot Measure 1, which will determine if the Alaska Legislature will add more lawmakers to avoid the loss of representation in certain areas.

Cascade Creek updates Wrangell on Swan Lake Project

This week, the City and Borough of Wrangell heard an update from Cascade Creek, LLC, on a project to potentially produce hydropower at Swan Lake. The project is part of a non-circumvention agreement between the company and the Borough. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Sea Level Seafoods and DEC reach settlement agreement

Last week, the Department of Environmental Conservation announced that it reached a settlement agreement with Sea Level Seafoods, LLC, over wastewater permit violations. The Wrangell-based company had been operating with an expired permit since 2005. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Expectations laid out for New Medical Center Project

This week, the Wrangell Assembly and the Wrangell Medical Center Board held a public work session to discuss issues concerning the New Medical Center Project. The ownership of the facility was the top priority of the night. No action was taken during the session. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

Wrangell Mayor discusses experiences on Disability Mentoring Day

Today is Disability Mentoring Day in Wrangell. The borough is encouraging all Wrangellites to recognize the potential of people with disabilities and to work toward their integration into the work force. In conjunction with this day, KSTK's Tony Gorman profiles Wrangell's new mayor, who didn't let a medical condition stop him from pursuing his goals.

Harvest Fest opens the Fall in Wrangell

The Wrangell Chamber of Commerce held its annual Harvest Fest over the weekend. Locals could get discounts and other special items throughout the two-day event. On Saturday, KSTK's Tony Gorman went to the Nolan Center to check out some of the those items and filed this audio postcard.

Wrangellites discuss the meaning of Alaska Day at luncheon

Yesterday, Alaska Day was celebrated across the state and not just by taking a day off from work. The day commemorates the transfer of the Alaska Territory from Russia to the United States in 1867. While the official celebration is in Sitka, the day is significant to some Wrangellites. KSTK's Tony Gorman went to the Alaska Day Luncheon at the Island of Faith Lutheran Church and asked some of the people there what Alaska Day means to them.

Coffman Cove group hopes to revive Northern Route

Representatives from the North End Port Authority met with local officials over the past few days to unveil a new plan to bring ferry service back to Coffman Cove, Petersburg, and Wrangell. The Inter-Island Ferry Authority ran a route to and from the communities until last year when operations ceased due to lack of funding and low ridership. KSTK's Tony Gorman reports.

New-look Wrangell Assembly takes care of business during its first meeting

The Wrangell Assembly made quick work on a number of items during this week's meeting. Appointments and resolutions highlighted the night while Cascade Creek, LLC, was again a no-show. KSTK's Tony Gorman has more.