Monthly Archives: October 2011

Borough Assembly and Hospital Board join to support project

Wrangell’s Borough Assembly met for a regular meeting Tuesday evening (10/25). KSTK’s Charlotte Duren reports.

Northend Ferry Authority plans for docking location in Wrangell

The Coffman Cove based group plans to launch a ferry service in the spring that would sail to Wrangell, Petersburg and Ketchikan. The Rainforest Islands Ferry would take over and expand a route abandoned by the Inter-Island Ferry Authority in 2008, but before this happens Northend Ferry Authority officials say there is still a great deal of planning to do. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more.

Alaska Department of Transportation holds public scoping meeting

Over the next 20-years state transportation officials are predicting some major changes in the region. With studies showing a possible decline in Southeast Alaska’s population, as well as anticipated cuts to federal funding, the Alaska Department of Transportation is beginning to look at alternatives for aviation, marine, and highway travel throughout the region. Recently the Alaska Department of Transportation made a stop in Wrangell, to discuss some of those alternatives and gather public comment on the 2011 to 2012 scoping report. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more.

Fire at Stough’s Trailer Court

Wrangell fire officials responded to the report of a trailer fire at Stough’s Trailer Court on Evergreen Avenue at 10:30 a.m. on Friday (10/21). KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has this report.

Communities take a close look at watershed management

Nearly two thirds of the nation's wetlands are in Alaska. And a lot of them are right here in Southeast. Since 2003 the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition has been visiting communities to help local governments and residents better understand wetland mitigation as well as a new law that requires communities to develop watershed management strategies. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on the coalition’s recent stop in Wrangell and what’s on the agenda for their Friday October 21st meeting in Juneau.

Wrangell develops first female adzing team

The Wrangell Cooperative Association continues to move forward on the renovation of the historic Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell, but it’s not the only thing getting renovated. Recently joining the team are three women who have been chosen as the local carvers for the project. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on the new team and how they are changing the look of adzing in Wrangell.

Southeast Alaska Power Agency eyes new hydropower source

The Southeast Alaska Power Agency recently filed a preliminary permit application for Sunrise Lake. This permit is one of many that SEAPA is working on as part of a process to begin identifying and developing priority energy projects throughout the region. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on what SEAPA is doing to plan for Southeast’s future hydroelectric energy needs, as well as some local concerns regarding the potential development of Sunrise Lake.

Wrangell takes a community approach to health

According to state health statistics heart disease, cancer, and chronic illness are some of the most prevalent killers of people living in rural Alaska. Since 2008 the Healthy Wrangell Coalition has been working to get more people out moving and eating right in Wrangell. The group recently met with state Health Specialist Joanie Fogel to discuss the program and find out what it takes to live a healthy life as well as sustain a healthy community. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more.

Borough Assembly approves contracts for replacement hospital facility

The Wrangell Borough Assembly met for a regular meeting Tuesday evening (10/11). On the agenda were a number of city projects as well as new city board and committee appointments. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more.

Wrangell continues to develop outdoor recreation plan

For the past year Wrangell has been working on a plan to enhance outdoor recreation for both locals and tourists. Currently the city has developed a survey for the general public to give input on what they want to see developed over the next couple years in the both the city and the borough. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on the survey and what local officials say is next for the plan.