Monthly Archives: November 2011

Wrangell Public Schools begin strategic planning

The Wrangell School District is in the early stages of developing a strategic plan to enhance education over the next three to five years in Wrangell. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren talks with Wrangell Schools Superintendent Richard Rhodes about plan, and some key areas of education Rhodes and the planning committee are looking at.

Black Friday kicks off holiday shopping in Wrangell

While some Wrangellites were sleeping off their turkey dinners, others hit the downtown stores to take advantage of the day after Thanksgiving sales. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren talks with business owners and shoppers about buying local and some noted improvements downtown this holiday season.

City pushes for road work winter shutdown

Wrangell business owners and city officials want work on the downtown roadways to end before the holiday shopping season begins, but there won't be a stop until the Department of Transportation and the general contractor set a winter closure date.

Planning and Zoning draft remote land use ordinance

Wrangell’s Planning and Zoning Commission recently held its second public meeting on the zoning of Wrangell’s remote settlement areas. KSTK's Charlotte Duren has more.

Local couple offers Thanksgiving dinner to families in need

With Thanksgiving only a week away, one local couple is working to make sure everyone has a reason to celebrate and give thanks this holiday season. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more.

Wrangell votes "yes" on ballot proposition 1

Votes are in for ballot proposition 1, that asks the public to either accept or reject a USDA loan for the construction a new replacement hospital facility. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has the unofficial results for the Tuesday November 15th special election.

Alaska Island Community Services plans for changes in program

The Alaska Island Community Service’s Crossings Program has a new director. Long time director Stephen Prysunka recently stepped down from the position and hired in his place is former Facility Manager Steve Helgeson. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren talks with Helgeson about the new position as well as what recent changes in Medicaid regulations could mean for the organization.

Wrangell Medical Center offers CT scans

The Wrangell Medical Center introduced last week their new CT scanner to the public. Operating since mid-summer the x-ray machine offers a wide range of diagnostic study capabilities. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on why the public and hospital staff say they’re excited about the new medical addition.

Library installs new automation system

Wrangell’s Irene Ingle Public Library recently turned 90-years-old, and for its big nine-zero the library is going digital. Starting this week the library will be undergoing some major upgrades as it changes over from the old card catalog system to automation. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren has more on what the public should expect in the weeks to come.

Carvers talk about Chief Shakes experience

It’s been over three months since work got underway on Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell, and now with winter approaching, much of the work is wrapping up until spring. KSTK’s Charlotte Duren talks with the group of carvers who are behind the thousands of feet of adzed wood and restoration work on the historic site.