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Vice Mayor resigns, energy committee moves forward

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The Tuesday, April 9, 2013 Borough Assembly meeting saw the formation of an energy committee and the resignation of an assembly member.

The Assembly accepted the resignation of Vice Mayor Bill Privett. Assembly Member James Stough made the motion.

“This is a recommended motion for the amendment to the agenda to accept the resignation of Assembly member William B. Privett on the Borough Assembly and direct the Borough Clerk to advertise for letters of interest to fill the vacancy until the next regular Borough election held October 1, 2013. I’d also like to thank Bill for his time and service to the community,” said Stough.

City Hall – Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK News

Mayor David Jack says that although he’s disappointed by the resignation, he knows the position will be filled by a qualified person.

“October elections are going to be kind of busy, I guess. But that’s the way things happen sometimes. I’m sure someone will step forward—a good person. We have a lot of them in the community. And I’m sure someone will step forward and take his place,” said Jack.

The Assembly continued its work toward forming of a Special Energy Committee. Mayor Jack said the committee would have a specific goal and time limit.

“And the purpose of that committee is very specific: to review the SEAPA and the community’s memorandum of understanding, that basically formed SEAPA. And is that still appropriate today or not? They’ll bring a report back to the Assembly and we’ll go from there,” said Jack.

This energy committee would be in place until December 2014 or until the committee gives a report to the assembly. At that time the committee would be disbanded.

Mayor Jack said he hopes this committee will take a regional approach.

“What I’d recommend is that the members of that committee work with the other communities involved, very closely, and try to come to a consensus. Because no matter what we decide here, it’s going to take a unanimous vote on that SEAPA board to do anything,” said Jack.

Borough Clerk Kim Flores announced that the Wrangell Medical Center board reports and agendas will now be posted on the City and Borough website. This follows requests by members of the community for the agendas to be on the city’s website along with the hospital site.

Also, library director Kay Jabusch presented on behalf of the Wrangell Friends of the Library.

She recognized Kathy Schmidt for over 30 years of service to the organization.

There was no executive session following the meeting.


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