Monthly Archives: May 2013

Assembly sees two appointments

City Hall - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK News

The May 14, 2013 Borough Assembly meeting saw two appointments and the designation of a commemorative day. more

14-May-13 Borough Assembly Meeting

Listen to the audio and read the agenda of the May 14, 2013 Borough Assembly meeting. more

Annnnnnd they’re off!

2013 Wrangell Salmon Derby fishing boundaries - Courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce

…The salmon that is…The 2013 Salmon Derby kicked off Saturday in Wrangell. This is the 61st annual derby in Wrangell. It runs now until 9pm on June 9th. more

A rededication to remember

Drummers and singers outside the Shakes house - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK News

Wrangell’s Shakes Island Tribal House rededication was last week. Hundreds of visitors from across Alaska, Canada, and the lower 48 poured into the small island town to witness the historic event. more

Paddling to proposal

Gianna Willard and Tim Flanery - Photo courtesy of Tim Flanery

The Shakes Island rededication was a special time for many people. But for one Ketchikan couple, it marked the beginning of a new life together. more

Seven canoes land in Wrangell

Doug Chilton, head of the One People canoe society and one of the canoe skippers, dances with his young son, Richard after landing on Shakes Island. Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK

Seven canoes arrived in Wrangell yesterday afternoon. It’s been a rough trip for many of the crews. Most encountered bad weather and rough seas on their journey through the Inside Passage. more

Canoes Arrive in Wrangell!


Paddlers from all over Southeast Alaska arrive at Chief Shakes Island in Wrangell and ask permission to come ashore to celebrate the rededication of Chief Shakes Tribal House. more

No 2013 Stikine subsistence chinook harvest

The Stikine River Delta, as seen from the air. The chinook subsistence fishery on the river has been closed. Photo by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News.

It looks like there won’t be a chinook subsistence fishery on the Stikine River this year. Officials this week closed the annual opening, scheduled for May 15th to June 20th. more