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WCA board to focus on transparency

The Wrangell Cooperative Association has seen a lot of change in its board and officers this week.

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Christie Jamieson is the new president of the Wrangell Cooperative Association or WCA board.

She was voted into the position at the WCA’s regular meeting on Monday.

Jamieson says her first priority is to organize and standardize the way the board works. She says there are a few ways to do that.

“Number one, bring forth and update all the policies and procedures and bylaws. There’s like three main documents that really need to be brought up to compliance,” says Jamieson.

Jamieson says trust between the board and the tribal community has been an issue in the past. She says she hopes that will change for the better with the new officers.

“I’m going to keep everything transparent. The agendas are going to be publicly posted. I’m going to have a suggestion box. I have a lot of ideas that I want to bring forth. It’s not like I have to recreate the wheel but it’s going to be something different where we can bring in our members to become more involved with the tribe again,” says Jamieson.

Apryl Hutchinson was voted in as the secretary and treasurer of the meeting. She says increasing transparency and community involvement are her goals as well.

“And I don’t think it was like that before. So, I really want to keep it so people know what’s going on. It didn’t seem like there was much involvement from the community before,” says Hutchinson.

Hutchinson says as secretary, she plans on putting out fliers and public notices before meetings to increase attendance. She says she has a few ideas to make board meetings more welcoming to tribal members.

“We might even have to start using the SNO building as a bigger venue to hold our meetings, so people feel like they are more involved. Right now it’s being held at the IGAP/WCA office, kind of a round table, and there’s only a few seats. So, I really want to make it so people feel comfortable coming in and participating in the agenda,” says Hutchinson.

President Christie Jamieson says she also plans to focus on jobs.

“You know, creating more projects to employ our tribal members, which is a real difficult one,” says Jamieson.

She says that will involve grant funding and good communication.

She and Hutchinson both hope for more active tribal membership as well. Jamieson plans to encourage tribal members to get membership cards and attend events and public meetings.

That way, she hopes the WCA board will be able to better reflect the tribe it represents.

“It’s all about unity and moving forward and regaining their trust with the tribal members. It’s building that trust and loyalty back into the WCA board—you know, the organization,” says Jamieson.

Former president Tim Gillen Sr. resigned from his seat at the end of Monday’s meeting. Jamieson says she hopes to have the seat filled soon.

Ernie Christian was appointed Vice President of the board. He was not able to be reached for comment by deadline Wednesday.


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