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Former Alaskan Navy SEAL writes a book about capturing Osama bin Laden, name released by Fox News

no easy day cover

On Thursday morning Fox News outed the author of “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden.” The AP and NPR have all confirmed that former Alaskan resident Matt Bissonnette penned the book under … more

Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline could impact Alaska

tanker in rupert_bruce hill

Enbridge Inc. is proposing to build a pipeline that would transport oil sands crude 730 miles from Alberta, Canada to the coast of British Columbia. From there, the pipeline would fill supertankers headed primarily to China. The fastest route takes


Trident president passes away

Jerry Dowd, the president of Trident Seafoods, passed away from a sudden heart attack on Monday while on a fishing trip near Bristol Bay. Dowd began working at Trident in 2004 and was appointed president of the company’s domestic operations … more

Spirit bears could be impacted by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline

A spirit bear cub eats mussels along the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline tanker route. Photo courtesy of

Some black bears, especially those on the coast of British Columbia, carry a genetic anomaly that makes their fur white. They’re popularly called spirit bears. KSTK’s Anne Hillman spoke to bear biologist Wayne McCrory, who has been studying the bears


New Southeast vessel traffic study says more ships in area than previously thought

The new Department of Environmental Conservation Southeast Alaska vessel traffic study shows that more ships are transiting the region than was previously thought. The study looked at all of the large vessels that travel though Southeast’s Inside Passage including cruise … more

Wrangell’s biobrick potential

Bill Wall collecting wood chips from the old Silver Bay mill site. Hillman/KSTK

The Wrangell Cooperative Association, in conjunction with Sustainability Incorporated, is looking into the feasibility of another new economic outlet for Wrangell’s wood mills and forests. They want to use wood waste to heat the community’s homes and government buildings by … more

Forest Service considering new management plan for Anan

A black bear eating a fish at Anan Creek

Anan Bear Observatory near Wrangell is touted as one of the best bear-viewing locations in the world. Black and brown bears line the creek, scooping up salmon while people stand on a platform mere feet away watching them in action. … more

Borough hatchery resolution not so straight forward

On the agenda for Tuesday night’s regularly scheduled Borough Assembly meeting is a joint resolution with the Petersburg City Council supporting the development of more fish hatcheries in the region. Mayor Jeremy Maxand helped write the resolution along with members … more

Singing Sitka spruce – Wrangell’s music wood

Wrangell’s milling industry is taking a new turn toward niche markets. Ron Franz of Whale Bay Woods is cutting and selling music wood for instrument makers around the world. He spoke with KSTK’s Anne Hillman about what makes Wrangell’s Sitka … more

Borough sues former hospital CEO, six recalled board members (Updated)

The Borough of Wrangell has filed suit against former Wrangell Medical Center CEO Noel Selle-Rae and six of the recalled medical center board members. It is seeking the repayment of the more than $520,000 given to Selle-Rae as a severance … more