Parnell on the fence about transportation fund

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Governor Sean Parnell visited Wrangell and Petersburg on Monday. While in Wrangell, he met with the mayor, city manager, and school officials, among others. more

Parnell says future good for maritime industry, unsure for timber

Governor Sean Parnell at KSTK - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK

Governor Sean Parnell visited Wrangell and Petersburg on Monday, March 3. While in Wrangell, he met with the mayor, city manager, and school officials, among others. more

Wilson’s transportation fund advances in House

The fast ferry Chenega is up on blocks for repairs and maintenance at the Ketchikan Shipyard Feb. 21, 2014. The Alaska Marine Highway, roads, airports and other transportation projects could get a funding boost under Legislation moving in the state House. (Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)

A measure setting up an Alaska Transportation Infrastructure Fund has gotten some traction in the House. But two companion bills are not seeing the same attention. more

Salty Dog rally swaggers to Southeast this summer

The Salty Dog yacht rally is coming to Alaska this summer. Wrangell is the official end point of the rally and will be the hub of boats and merriment for four days in June. more

Red dots for violence, green for solutions

Red Dot - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK

Last weekend, in the middle of the night, 100 red dots mysteriously appeared on benches, signposts and trees around Wrangell and Petersburg. Some find them surprising, others find them disturbing. But there’s one thing that’s for sure—they’ve been noticed. more

Raven Guitars brings sustainable business to Wrangell


Path to Prosperity is a competition for Southeast Alaska entrepreneurs that targets sustainable small businesses in the region. Two winners were announced Juneau’s Innovation summit in January. One business has its roots in Wrangell. more

WCA elections see two incumbants return

Nearly twice as many voters hit the polls this year than last for the Wrangell Cooperative Association board elections. The ballots see two incumbents reclaim their seats and two new board members. more

Senior project brings students into community

What do tye-dye, radio, and making mini pizzas have in common? They’re all activities students have done as part of Erica Smith’s senior project. Smith says it’s an after school program to get kids engaged in the community. more

Wrangell Museum hunts for feet

The only feet in the museum belong to Shady and museum director Megan Clark - Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KSTK

The Wrangell Museum has a lot of stuff. It’s chock full of everything from artifacts to taxidermied animals. But there’s one unusual thing the museum doesn’t have. Feet. more

Rep. Peggy Wilson keeps it “local”

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Wrangell Republican Peggy Wilson represents House District 33, including Wrangell, Ketchikan and northern Prince of Wales. Transportation is at the top of her list this legislative session. But local is the other buzzword Wilson is using a lot. more