National News

The Nation, And A Father, Honor The War Dead

Volunteers placed American flags on the more than 60,000 graves at the Massachusetts National Cemetery on Saturday.

Magic And Music At A South Florida Toll Booth

Toll plazas all over the country are going automatic, but just at the top of the Florida Keys, there's a tollbooth with people inside.

From The Sugar Cane Plantation To The International Swimming Stage

We revisit our conversation with author Julie Checkoway about her book "The Three Year Swim Club."

What Is The State Of The Airline Industry?

Airlines netted record profits last year. But concerns remain about terrorism and long security lines.

Reporter's Search For A Snowy Owl Takes Him From Maryland To Ontario

At the end of 2013, snowy owls started invading the United States in a way scientists had never seen.

Sanders Campaigns In California, Clintons March In Memorial Day Parade

The Vermont senator meets with California voters today as that state and five others prepare to vote next week.

Foxconn And China Turn To Robots

Foxconn Technology Group, a supplier to Apple and Samsung, has reportedly replaced tens of thousands of workers with robots in factories in China.

The Future Of Driverless Cars Is Now

Most major automakers and a lot of smaller players are developing driverless vehicles.

Rock Creek Park—Washington, D.C.'s Urban Oasis

The country's oldest urban national park spans 1,800 acres in the middle of Washington, D.C.

New Richard Russo Novel, 'Everybody’s Fool,' Examines The State Of The Working Class

The Pulitzer Prize winning author's new book, “Everybody’s Fool,” is a sequel to his 1993 novel “Nobody’s Fool."