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New York Banks On A Solar Factory To Ignite Buffalo's Economy

Half of the $1 billion in tax credits and other economic incentives that Buffalo is getting from the state is going to build a solar panel factory. Skeptics say it's a risky way to create jobs.

Fewer People Are Getting Diabetes, But The Epidemic Isn't Over

The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes has been on the decline since 2009, after soaring for decades. Doctors say people may be changing their eating and exercise habits for the better.

New Dictionary Words For 2015

The editor of the American Heritage Dictionary lists off some of the new additions, including humblebrag, cosleeping and bibimbap.

DJ Session: Broadway's Hamilton And Beyond

Marion Hodges of KCRW shares a playlist including "The Schuyler Sisters" off the soundtrack for the Broadway production of "Hamilton."

Small Island Nations Push For Action On Climate Change

According to the U.N.'s panel on climate change, some of these islands could be almost completely covered in water by 2100.

For ISIS, Diversification Of Funding Is Key

The terrorist group has amassed its wealth from a variety of sources, including taxation/extortion and selling oil on the black market.

Trump Unravels RNC's Well-Laid Plans

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is upending the game plan put in place by the Republican National Committee.

U.S. Sees Dramatic Decline In New Diabetes Cases

New numbers released today show the first significant drop in national diabetes rates after decades of alarming increase.

How The Energy-Hungry Tech Industry Is Fighting Climate Change

As world leaders began climate talks in Paris, Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced a multibillion-dollar effort to support clean energy.

Poverty For A Day Means A Lesson For Life

Teachers in Savannah, Georgia, have started attending poverty simulations to better identify with low-income students.