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School board responds to communication concerns

The Wrangell Public School Board announced Monday it is taking steps to respond to the concerns of teachers and parents regarding communication issues. The school board is starting a monthly “coffee with the school board” event.

School board continues to grapple with communication issues

The Wrangell Public School Board held a work session on communication issues Monday night in response to the concerns of some teachers and parents.

In contested school board race, Mollen runs for re-election

aleisha mollenAleisha Mollen, Tammy Groshong and Rolland Howell are running for school board. Three candidates running for two seats make this school board election one of the few contested races in this year’s local elections.

School board adopts new supplemental school lunch program

school lunchThe Wrangell Public School Board voted Monday to leave the National School Lunch Program and develop its own supplemental school food program.

School board offers contracts to new principal, current teachers

The Wrangell Public School Board Tuesday voted to offer Kendall Benson of Utah the job of secondary school principal. The board also offered contracts to all of the district’s non-tenured teachers.

School board to consider cheaper food program options

school lunchLast week, the Wrangell Public School Board ended the district’s contract with NANA Management Services, the school food provider. Tonight, the board will try to come up with a new plan to feed students.

Wrangell teachers, residents say they can’t communicate with school board

The Wrangell Public School Board had a full audience at its last two meetings. Teachers and parents expressed concerns about two topics: a lack of communication with the board and the resignation of the secondary school principal.

School board keeps food service in budget

The Wrangell Public School Board approved its budget for Fiscal Year 2016 Monday and narrowly avoided eliminating the district’s school lunch program.

Wrangell teachers implement iPads in elementary school classrooms

ipadThe Wrangell School District brought its elementary school up to a one-to-one student-to-computer ratio last month by giving each student an iPad to use in class. Wrangell second-graders got to start using their new iPads by creating multimedia books about weather.

Deeper cuts to education budget worry Wrangell school officials

Wrangell school officials were caught off guard recently when the Alaska Senate Finance Committee proposed an additional cut to education funding. The budget amendment would cut $47.5 million from public schools statewide.