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Rent a cabin on Zarembo?

Courtesy of the Forest Service

Wrangell residents will soon be able to enjoy the only recreation cabin on Zarembo Island. The Wrangell Ranger District is opening up a former administrative cabin in the next few weeks.

David Rak of the Wrangell district said the Forest … more

P&Z, EDC want public input on entitlement lands

Wrangell’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Economic Development Committee held a joint meeting Thursday to discuss potential uses for the borough’s remote entitlement lands.

Development committee completes initial review of transferred lands

map of land transferWrangell’s Economic Development Committee met Monday to finish its initial review of about 9,000 acres of entitlement lands.

Nevada man dies at Zarembo Island logging site

A Nevada man was found dead this week at a logging site 12 miles west of Wrangell. Alaska State Troopers say the cause of death is unknown.

USFS removes one cabin, adds another in Wrangell Ranger District

The U.S. Forest Service removed one cabin from the Wrangell Ranger District this year and plans to add a new one in a more popular location.

Waves and wind almost sink troller west of Wrangell

A troller with two people on board almost sank about 30 miles west of Wrangell Wednesday night.