Underwriting/Business Partners

Underwriting is an opportunity for organizations and businesses to actively and publicly lend financial support to KSTK before a wide and diverse audience – an audience that is more likely to support you because you support us.

Underwriting vs. Advertising
As an alternative to advertising, underwriting is a way for your business or non-profit organization to gain community-wide recognition for your support of KSTK and our commitment to quality and diverse programming. In addition to being a very wise investment for you, the on-air acknowledgements enhance your image as participants in and supporters of our community.

Underwriting Singles You Out
Underwriting with KSTK places you, your product or service, and your business in a unique position by clearly separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising. Just as you, the underwriter, support KSTK, our loyal listeners will support you. Eighty-eight percent of public radio listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports public radio. Underwriting means great public relations for your business. Business support of KSTK is an easy, cost effective way to demonstrate good citizenship on a consistent basis.

Underwriting Identifies Your Company As Socially Aware
An association with KSTK, with its long-standing reputation for social responsibility and local connectivity, identifies your company as a civic and community-minded organization with an interest in the public that goes beyond simply selling a product or service.

Underwriting Increases Name Recognition
With most advertising messages, your name drowns in a sea of clutter. But when you underwrite with KSTK, you send a message that stands out. We air only a small number of underwriting announcements per hour, which means your company’s message will receive attention.

Your Schedule, Your Budget
Underwriting is a smart, cost-efficient, and effective use of marketing and public relations dollars. Your underwriting dollars are tax-deductible as permitted by law for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. We are happy to work with you to fully customize a run schedule and contract that meets your budget. As Wrangell’s only radio station, we can guarantee your underwriting acknowledgement will be heard by a wide and diverse audience.

To speak with Development Director Asia Fisher about how KSTK can help your business meet its marketing goals, please call (907) 874-2345 or email asia@kstk.org.

Source: Eastlan Research, Jacobs Media Research