WRANGELL, ALASKA  Phase one starts near the Stikine Inn and city dock, and work will include the construction of roadway foundations, and new concrete pavement. Department of Transportation’s Al Steininger says they’re working to make this as smooth of a construction process as possible.

“They will get that phase completed, and then they will move on to the next phase. So we are not tearing up front street but just break it up in pieces,” he says.

Other aspects of construction will include the installation of new water systems, storm drain systems, and sewer service connections. The project will have a total of five phases. Phase one will run from city dock to Campbell Drive, and is expected to be completed by September 15th. The next phase will be from Campbell Drive to Lynch Street which is projected to be completed by October 31st. following Phase two the project will be shut down until the Spring of 2012.

The three final stages will pick up in April and run from Lynch Street to Case Avenue. They are expected to be completed by August of 2012. Steininger encourages the public to be patient while construction takes place.

“Construction is never easy for people, there is going to be traffic, so just be patient with us. It will eventually get done and once it’s done it will be a nice area,” he says.

There will be a construction progress meeting Thursday, August 18th at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall. For more information about the project or the meeting you can call the project office at 907-874-4467.
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