WRANGELL, ALASKA Police have been notified and the WCA is asking for community support in protecting the historic house and island.

“The Island does not have a sprinkler system. Having a huge bon fire like that, that close, could have caused serious damage. It could have destroyed the entire house and everything inside which are irreplaceable. It would have been devastating to everyone in the office and who is working closely with the house,” she says.

The WCA reminds the public that Chief Shakes Island is closed after 9 pm. And that any trespassing after that time is punishable by law. Lindley says the mess from the weekend’s occurrence has been cleaned up, however encourages the public to report any suspicious activity.

“And just keep an eye on it and make sure nothing suspicious is going on out there. This is a beloved treasure of the entire community in Wrangell and because it’s a historic land mark and it always has been,” she says.

The Chief Shakes Island and Tribal House is private property of the Wrangell Cooperative Association, and they remind the public to be courteous and respectful of the site, and follow posted rules. Both food and dogs are not permitted on the island.
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