Unofficial results show that Ballot Proposition 1 passed with 351 votes in favor and 143 against. These unofficial results mean that the public accepts a $24.7million U.S. Department of Agriculture loan for a portion of the cost of the new Wrangell Hospital Facility.

Wrangell City Manager Timothy Rooney says once the votes are made official, the project can begin moving forward.

“I think it’s a strong message from the voters of Wrangell, saying the hospital is something they want to see happen, hopefully we move forward as quick as possible. The next step is developing a building committee, something we included with our contracts with the architects and have the committee begin recommending some decisions to the borough assembly,” he says.

A total of 494 registered voters voted in this election. Ballots left to count include 7 special needs, 10 questionable and 93 absentee. They will be canvassed by a committee of Borough Assembly members Thursday, November 17th at 1 pm.
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