A snow man tree, how about a fiesta tree, or a retro tree, or what about a dog tree, or even just an old fashion Christmas tree, are just some of the creations you’ll see walking down Wrangell’s Christmas Tree Lane in the Nolan Center.

“This tree is for hospice, it’s kind of retro looking, and hopefully we will be able to sell it.” That’s Sally Gutman, one of the many volunteers helping decorate trees for the Christmas Tree Lane auction. 50% of the tree proceeds go to Wrangell’s local hospice, and Gutman says that’s important to her.

“My father just recently passed and I got involved with the hospice program up here. It’s been a good opportunity for me to meet people and do something good for the community,” she says.

Jacquie Dozier has been organizing Christmas Tree Lane for the past 6-years and says the money generated from the auctioned trees covers many of hospice’s operating costs throughout the year.

“Our major emphasis is to be caring for the families and the people who would like to die at home and it’s a very precious service,” she says.

Dozier says a highlight of Christmas Tree Lane is the “Dove Tree” Ceremony that honors all those who died this year in the community.

“Other people have lost people close them that they would like to have on the tree. You can come into to the dove tree ceremony and you can get a dove, and be a part of the community Christmas memorial,” she says.

The Dove Tree Ceremony is on Sunday December 4th at 2 p.m. in the Nolan Center. The Dove tree becomes a center piece of the lane, and stays up through the holidays.

Tree decorator and self proclaimed Christmas elf, Marie Shipley says they’re still looking for help setting up the Lane and encourages anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit to stop by the Nolan Center and help decorate a tree.

“We have trees that just simply need to be decorated, we have decorations, so just come and help,” she says.

Tree viewing and bidding is open to the public until Wednesday, December 14th. Bids close December 15th and at that time trees will be delivered to highest bidders.
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