According to a court document filed with the Superior Court for the State of Alaska on December 2nd, “plaintiff Dr. Greg Salard brings claims against defendant Wrangell Medical Center for “denial of his due process rights under Wrangell Medical Center’s bylaws, wrongful and intentional interference with his employment agreement, for an injunctive relief to restore his privileges to work at Wrangell Medical Center and thereby prevent immediate and irreparable harm to him and his interests.”

In addition Salard’s employer Alaska Island Community Services has filed suit against Wrangell Medical Center for alleged due process violations, breach of contract, and other alleged wrongful doings.

This suit comes as a result of recent action by the WMC Board of Directors. Following an executive session on November 16th meeting, the WMC Board of Directors voted to revoke Dr. Salard’s medical privileges.

The case will be heard by Judge Kevin Miller Wednesday, December 7th at 8:30 A.M. in the Wrangell Trial Courts.