On Wednesday, December 7th a hearing was held to review claims brought by Dr. Greg Salard and his employer Alaska Island Community Services against Wrangell Medical Center. The two parties allege Salard was denied due process rights under WMC’s bylaws, alleging wrongful and intentional interference with his employment agreement, and other wrong- doings.

According to Dr. Salard’s attorney Danielle Ryman the hospital allegedly failed to follow WMC bylaws by not adhering to due process before terminating his privileges. Salard’s privileges were revoked during a WMC Hospital Board executive session on November 16th.

WMC’s Attorney Stephen Rose says Salard was advised by a letter dated October 31st that his physician’s status with WMC would expire Nov. 16, 2011. Following that evening’s executive session WMC board of directors unanimously voted to deny Salard’s request for a contract renewal.

Wednesday’s hearing before Judge Kevin Miller ended with Miller’s request for a copy of the letter WMC sent notifying Salard of his contract’s expiration.

While Salard remains an active physician with AICS Tide Line Clinic, his privileges with WMC remain revoked until a decision by the state’s Superior Court is made.