As of Monday, December 12th Alaska Island Community Services physician Dr. Greg Salard’s medical privileges have been reinstated at Wrangell Medical Center.

According to a court document by the Alaska Superior Court, Judge Kevin G. Miller has ruled in favor of Dr. Salard and employer AICS, and grants Dr. Salard a preliminary injunction that “requires Wrangell Medical Center to immediately reinstate Dr. Salard’s privileges and to maintain Salard’s privileges until an appropriate administrative due process hearing is held. The judge also prohibits Wrangell Medical Center from reporting its November 16th decision to deny privileges, to any state or federal medical board or agency pending an appropriate administrative due process hearing.”

This civil suit stems from recent action taken by the Wrangell Medical Center Board of Directors. Following an executive session on November 16th meeting, the Board of Directors voted to revoke Dr. Salard’s medical privileges. On December 2nd, Salard and his employer AICS filed a civil suit against Wrangell Medical Center.

Judge Miller’s ruling orders both parties to now move forward with an appropriate due process hearing. Dr. Salard says “he’s happy to be back offering services to his patients in the community, and says he looks forward to hearing and finding out why the hospital board made their initial decision of revoking his privileges.” A hearing date is yet to be determined.
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