The Stikine River Jet Boat Association was recently recognized for its work in promoting sustainable recreation in the region.

“We don’t really fit the stereo type of what a green company is.” That’s Stikine River Jet Boat Association Executive Director Marjy Wood. In March, the Jet Boat Association received a “Silver Level” Certification from Adventure Green Alaska (AGA), a certification program offered through the Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Association.

The program recognizes businesses and groups that are committed to sustainable recreation and tourism. Wood says a jet boat association may seem like an unlikely candidate for a “green” certification, but she says it has more to do with how you interact with the environment than what you use.

“In the past we’ve offered a tour where we have a picnic up the river and the goal is to leave the area like we were never there. That’s a goal that’s sits very well with the AGA guidelines. Also we are working on educating visitors on the history and culture of the area,” she says.

AGA is the only sustainable tourism certification of its kind in the state and is open to any tour operator or tourism company that wants to apply. Wood says it’s an honor to be recognized at the silver level.

“I think it shows that the Stikine River Jet Boat Association is dedicated to a sustainable type of tourism and everyone in the association knows it’s our responsibility to keep it as pristine as possible for future generations,” she says.

AGA Board President Sarah Leonard says when certifying a company or association the program looks for three core elements that include economic, cultural, environmental sustainability. She says ultimately they want to see how the companies are contributing back to their communities, and working to have the least amount of impact on the destination they’re visiting.

“This is the first type of application from an association or group. It’s exciting to see different types of businesses and activities looking towards a sustainability standard. The more sustainable businesses the more we can conserve Alaska and share it with other visitors,” she says.

The AGA Tourism Certification Program awards businesses at a bronze, silver, and gold level. Businesses interested in applying for an AGA certification, visit