On Tuesday April 3rd, oral arguments were heard in the case of Wrangell Physician Dr. Greg Salard vs. Wrangell Medical Center (WMC) in Superior Court.

Superior Court Judge Kevin G. Miller heard testimony regarding Salard’s request for a “stay” pending appeal which would allow for the doctor’s privileges to be reinstated at Wrangell Medical Center while the appeal process continues.

This case stems from a decision made in early March by the hospitals Hearing Committee to deny Salard his privileges to work at the city-owned hospital. In late February a Fair Review Hearing was held for Salard, where a committee made up of Hospital Board members heard testimony of patient complaints against the doctor as well as staff reports of disruptive behavior by Salard. This was used as grounds for denying the doctor his privileges.

In Tuesday’s court hearing, Salard’s Attorney Lee Holen argued that Salard will face “irreparable harm” to his career as well as financial loss if his privileges are not re-instated. As for disruptive doctor allegations against Salard, she argued that there have been no complaints regarding the doctor since April of 2011. She says the denial of Salard’s privileges is “unprecedented based on the evidence that hospital has provided.”

WMC Attorney Stephen Rose argued that if Salard’s privileges were to be reinstated it could cause potential harm to patient care as well liability for Wrangell Medical Center. Patients who testified at the Fair Review Hearing said they would not return to WMC if Salard is the doctor on duty. Rose says that as for irreparable harm to the doctor’s career, a “stay” would not change the Hearing Committee’s decision on Salard’s privileging at WMC. Rose asked the judge to not grant Salard’s request to work at the hospital pending the court’s final decision on his appeal.

Judge Kevin G. Miller says a decision will be made once he’s reviewed both parties testimony.