Wrangell’s Fourth of July Celebration is less than a month away. This year’s theme is ‘Reflections of the Past’. Events featured this year include canoe races, log rolling, a talent show, and the traditional egg toss just to name a few.

Husband and wife duo Cyni and John Waddington are co-chairing this year’s celebration, and say there are still a number of events that need leads.

There are some events that have been staples for years that are in jeopardy of not being included because we don’t have chair persons for them. We are concerned about the gravity races for example. And we just got a chair for the log rolling event,” he says.

The Chamber of Commerce is still looking for a lead for the Gravity Race which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3rd and there are 20 spots open for the talent show.

Chamber of Commerce Office Manager Cyni Waddington says there are also a number of new events featured this year. One is a House Decorating Contest. This contest is open to any individual home or business with the most patriotic decorations. Three prizes will be given to the most patriotic in town.

Waddington encourages the public to get involved and reassures that this Fourth of July Celebration will be just as great as those of years past.

“People have been a little bit worried because of all the road work that we were not going to have a 4th of July celebration, and I want them to know it’s going to be on schedule and it’s going to be just as great as it has been in the past,” she says.

If you are interested in chairing a fourth of July event or have questions contact the Wrangell Chamber of Commerce Office at 907-874-3901.