KSTK gave all of the candidates for the Aug. 21 Special Election the chance to share a bit about themselves, why they are running, and what they hope to accomplish. The interviews will air on KSTK the week before the election or you can listen to them all here!

Each candidate was asked to submit a short biography, a photo, and answer set questions during an interview. Not all candidates chose to participate.

Candidates for the term expiring in 2012

Judy Allen


Barbara Conine

I have been in Wrangell since the summer of 1988, first working for the local air taxi then with the new majority owners, incorporated it into another entity where I was responsible for day to day operations of scheduling flights and all of the accounting from receivables and payables to taxes. After retiring, I did consult with several businesses as well as individuals helping them with either accounting for dealing with federal or state agencies among them being the Small Business Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, Medicaid, the Internal Revenue Service for non-profits, the State of Alaska for education grants and the Department of Environmental Conservation on storage tanks. I understand privacy issues as well as when it’s necessary to be transparent. I have many years of experience in standard business practices like personnel matter as well as budgeting issues that I think may be of some use as a board member.

Robert Henry

Betty Keegan

I am Betty Keegan, candidate for the 2012 WMC Board of Directors .  I am a nearly 40 year resident of Wrangell, wife of Dwight.  We raised 2 of our 5 children in Wrangell, Beth Comstock and Katie Chafin, and I am retired from Wrangell General Hospital..

While retired , I continue to be concerned about, and actively involved in health care issues for all, having served on the WMC Board for almost 2 full terms. presently on the AICS Board and on other local, state and national health issue boards.

Our current painful past is now history, and we are challenged to march on to victory together, slaying the dragons  we encounter, enroute to our new, worth waiting for, worth fighting for, medical complex.

Please vote on Aug 21.  If you agree with me, I’d appreciate your “yes” vote.

Three seats are open for the term expiring in 2012. Marlene Messmer is also running.

Candidates for the term expiring in 2013

Marlene Clark


Terri Henson

I’ve been a resident in Wrangell since early 1984 when I moved here with my two children. Both of which graduated from our local school system. I have been happily married to Steve Henson for 19 years and between the two of us share three grown children and eight grandchildren, 3 of which still live here in Wrangell.

I currently work for the City and Borough of Wrangell as the Nolan Centers Director and for 14 years have worked in various jobs throughout the city including the Electrical and Police departments. During the almost 29 years that I’ve lived in Wrangell I’ve been active in various clubs and organizations and I have been an active planning and zoning commissioner for over 10 years 5 of them as Vice chairman. The planning & Zoning commission worked as a team on the City’s Comprehensive plan and we’re currently working on the zoning ordinances for the outlying areas. I think being able to understand and follow policies and procedures will be a benefit. I work with the CVB (Convention and Visitors bureau) promoting our community and run the Visitors center. I truly believe a person should give back to the community that they live and that if you wish to speak out you need step up keeping the best interest for all as a goal.

I have many personal interests including grandchildren, gardening, fishing and cooking for family and friends.

I have made Wrangell my home by choice and have never regretted that decision.

Two seats are open for the term expiring in 2013. Michael Ashton, Michael J. Nicholls, Billie Younce, and Bernie Massin are also running.

Candidates for the term expiring in 2014

Megan Clark

I moved to Wrangell with my parents and sister in 1994, and am a graduate of Wrangell High School. I went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Eastern Oregon University in 2003, and a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Washington in 2007. I did a tour in Ukraine for the Peace Corps, and have worked for several museums and not-for profits in the Seattle area before returning to Wrangell in 2010, with my husband Jason, to accept the position of Director of the Wrangell Museum. Both Jason and I are very happy to be able to call Wrangell home again, and are excited to raise our daughter, Delilah, here.

Rhonda Dawson

My name is Rhonda Dawson and I would appreciate the opportunity to serve and represent you the people of Wrangell as a member of the Wrangell Medical Center Board of Director’s. I’m qualified to serve you, I have no conflict of interest and I only want to serve the citizens of Wrangell to the best of my ability.  In my mind this isn’t just running for another board in this town this is “Our Health Care and Lifeline Facility”, there is absolutely no reason in my mind why we should not be anything but successful in moving forward.


Office Manager of Thomas Bay Power Authority and Secretary to the TBPA Commission; Energy Coordinator and Personal Assistant to the Alaska Canada Energy Coalition Board of Directors; Wrangell Code and Review Committee; Wrangell Economic Development Committee; Wrangell Wellness Board; Vice-President of the Wrangell Cooperative Association; Board Member and Vice-President of the Salvation Army; Property Liaison of the Eagle Nest Lodging LLC; Personal Assistant to the CEO of Full Scale Productions; Financial Assistant to the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce; Volunteer to Youth Services and Children with Addictions; Volunteer to the Director of the Issaquah Senior Center; Legislative Aid and Personal Assistant to former Senator Robin Taylor.

Other Involvement/Member:

Tribal Government CCTHITA – Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska; Wrangell Cooperative Association; NRA National Rifle Association.

Two seats are open for the term expiring in 2014. Cori Robinson and Brad Williams are also running.

Candidates for the term expiring in 2015

Janell R. Privett

Born in Sitka, Alaska

D/B March 31, 1959

Siblings: Douglas W. Roberts and Darin E. Floyd

Husband: William B. Privett (Bill)

Children: Shane, Re’me, Marni and Jillian

Grandchildren: Tarren, Riley, Ethan, Jozlyn and Roman

I was raised in Wrangell as a 4th generation Alaskan, by my parents Dr. Gary L. Floyd and Roberta who were both active in contributing volunteer time to support and sustain Wrangell’s booms and bust economies. As well to support in action the good we love about Wrangell.

Their example is expectations for all of their children to not just assume a place in the community, work to contribute to the community you call your home.

The experiences and qualities that I would be most proud to have the opportunity to share with the new board is me: I consider myself to be generous, creative, organized, good sense of humor, tenacious, tremendous vision, energetic, self-motivated, resourceful, informed, compassionate, tireless worker. Proven capacity to collaborate and share in the implementation of goals.

I have served as a volunteer in Wrangell all of my adult life in many capacities, elected member of the school board, 7 of the 9 years as the chair. President of the Friends of the Museum, served on the Nolan Board appointed by the Assembly, Elder of the First Presbyterian Church. Chair of the Peter Rooney Foundation, past president of the Chamber of Commerce. Support the creation and completion of the James and Elsie Nolan Center.

I would appreciate your vote.

Larry “Woody” Wilson

I was born in Washington IA and moved to Alaska about twenty years ago.  I am 66 years old and have spent my professional life in service to public education.  I’m married to Representative Peggy Wilson, have three children, eight grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

For the past three decades I have been a school administrator, 16 years as an assistant superintendent and 14 years as a superintendent of schools.  I have worked in large city school districts and small rural school districts.  In my administrative duties I have supervised maintenance and building construction projects.  I have extensive personnel management experience including employment practices, regulation and policy writing, salary management, union negotiations, strategic planning, budgeting and board relations.

After retiring from the superintendency I directed Alaska’s Learning Network (AKLN).  That organization provides courses to high school students all over Alaska by way of the Internet.  During this time I wrote and managed the AKLN budget, developed a teacher training program, and oversaw the development of courses to be introduced to Alaska students, worked with the University of Alaska offer credit, and kept the AKLN Board appraised of the progress toward our goals.

I have belonged to numerous boards and organization in the past years and have served many of these organizations in board leadership capacities such as president elect, president, and past president.

I am currently retired and believe I have the time and energy to work in a board member capacity for the Wrangell Medical Center.

One seat is open for the term expiring in 2015. Privett and Wilson are the only candidates.