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These are the unofficial results for the October 1st general election:

Seat and TermCandidateVotes
Borough Mayor, unexpired term until October 2014David Jack

Kipha Valvoda



Assembly Seat E, 3-year termJulie Decker559
Assembly Seat F, 3-year termDaniel Blake493
Assembly Seat B, unexpired term until October 2014Ernie Christian

Maxi Wiederspohn

Billie Younce




Port Commission, unexpired term until October 2015John Martin573
Port Commission, two 3-year termsDavid Silva

John Yeager



School Board, two 3-year termsRinda Howell

Cyni Waddington



Hospital Board, two 4-year termsTerri Henson

Bernie Massin




Ballot InitiativeVotes YESVotes NO
Proposition 1 to adjust the rate of consumer sales tax172451


-David Jack stays mayor with 455 votes. Kipha Valvoda has 118 votes.

-Maxi Wiederspohn wins Assembly Seat B with 364 votes. Ernie Christian has 212 votes and Billie Younce has 38 votes.

-Julie Decker wins Assembly Seat E with 559 votes.

-Daniel Blake wins Assembly Seat F with 493 votes.

-John Martin takes the unexpired term on the Port Commission until 2015 with 573 votes.

-The two 3-year terms on the Port Commission go to David Silva with 491 votes and John Yeager with 552 votes.

-The two 3-year terms on the School Board go to Rinda Howell with 499 votes and Cyni Waddington with 517 votes.

-The two 4-year terms on the Hospital Board go to Terri Henson with 502 votes and Bernie Massin with 481 votes.

-Proposition 1 to adjust the rate of consumer sales tax does not pass. There were 172 votes in favor and 451 votes against.