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The 2013 regular elections of the City and Borough of Wrangell were October 1st.

The Borough Assembly Monday voted to approve the election results.

A total of 629 voters hit the polls that day. There were 95 absentee ballots filed.

There were five special needs ballots and eight sent by mail or fax.

The canvass board didn’t count any of the six questioned ballots filed. There were also five spoiled ballots that weren’t counted.

That makes a grand total of 748 ballots filed with 737 counted.

The official approved election results see David Jack keeping the mayor’s seat until October 2014 with a total of 525 votes.

Kipha Valvoda received 144 votes. There were nine write-ins.

Seat B is an unexpired term until October 2014 and was the one contested seat on the assembly.

Incumbent Maxi Wiederspoon took it with 419 votes.

She had about 60% more votes than former assembly member Ernie Christian. He received 255 and Billie Younce got 43.

There were no write-ins for that seat.

Julie Decker ran unopposed for Assembly Seat E, which is a 3-year term.

She received a whopping 645 votes.

That means she was supported by 88% of voters.

John Martin was only other person to receive that level of voter support. He ran unopposed and pulled in 90% of the vote at 664 for the unexpired term until October 2015 on the Port Commission.

Daniel Blake ran unopposed for Assembly Seat F, also a 3-year term.

He received 563 votes, which is about 75%, and there were 10 write-ins.

David Silva and John Yeager will fill the two 3-year terms on the Port Commission.

Silva received 554 votes and Yeager took 629. There were nine write-ins.

Rinda Howell and Cyni Waddington will both serve 3-year terms on the School Board.

Howell took 575 votes and Waddington took 582 with four write-ins.

Both Terri Henson and Bernie Massin keep their seats on the hospital board. Henson had 575 votes in favor and Massin, 548.

There were 15 write-ins for those seats.

Finally, voters overwhelmingly came out against Proposition 1 to adjust the rate of consumer sales tax from 7% to 5.5%.

It failed by a margin of two to one, with 202 votes for and 528 against.

As of the end of September there were 1,618 registered voters in Wrangell.

With 748 ballots filed, voter turnout was 46%.

That may sound low, but it’s really the opposite. Wrangell had one of the highest voter turnouts in the state this election season.