Two high school seniors are making Christmas a little bit brighter for the residents of Long Term Care.

Hannah Armstrong and Amy Ferdinand are working together on a senior project.

They’ve spent hours working with Solene Allen decorating Long Term Care in preparation for the annual Christmas party.

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Armstrong says she hopes it will bring some good holiday cheer to the residents.

“Our focus for our senior project is to promote the Long Term Care and its Christmas because we feel like they really deserve that respect that they’ve put into that community and Alaska, or wherever they were at, as a whole. We just want to give back to them,” says Armstrong.

Ferdinand says they’ve been getting creative with the decorations and have enlisted some…official help….for one of the surprises.

“We have actually made a fireplace out of cardboard and paper on the window. We are having the chief of police be Santa. We are making appetizers and are having a big party this Saturday,” says Ferdinand.

They say the party is geared toward bringing loved ones and community members to spend quality time with the folks at Long Term Care.

“It’s going to be family and friends there—just hanging out and talking and visiting. The community is invited. It’s been put on for a while—they’ve had it every year as a Christmas party for the community and family and friends just to get together and sing and hang out.”

Armstrong says her favorite part of the project so far has been finding creative ways to do the small things.

“There’s a lot of little things you have to do. It’s not just one big thing. I really enjoyed the details of it. I’m a very detailed person. So, I liked doing stuff like the invitations. I like decorating,” says Armstrong.

She says they made invitations to give to the residents of the Wrangell Senior Center and delivered them recently.

Ferdinand says she likes the artsy side of the project.

“I think my favorite part has been putting the fireplace together. She did most of that because I was gone. So we painted the bricks and we cut cardboard out and we painted them and we glued them onto the chimney. I thought that was pretty fun,” says Ferdinand.

But, they say, they hope more than anything that their project will help residents of Long Term Care get into the holiday spirit.

The community is invited to the Christmas Party at Long Term Care. It starts at 2pm this Saturday, December 21st.

Armstrong and Ferdinand say they encourage people to bring appetizers or snacks.