The Wrangell Borough Assembly voted Tuesday to send a proposed animal control ordinance back to the Code Review Committee for some changes.

The ordinance was on its second reading at Tuesday’s meeting. The assembly passed it unanimously on its first reading last month.

Assembly members had several questions and concerns about different parts of the ordinance.

Assembly member Julie Decker said the harbor requirement to have dogs leashed at all times does not fit with the assembly’s proposed ordinance.

“And what we are looking at, harbors and docks would be area outside the business district. And therefore, you could have them off the leash as long as they’re in control of your voice and in your sight. So those two don’t mesh,” Decker said.

Christina Florschutz was the only resident who spoke at the public hearing before the meeting. She expressed concern with the definition for a commercial animal establishment.

“We need to have a hobby category in here,” Florschutz said. “The reason I say that is because if you define anyone that has livestock as a commercial entity, then they have to meet state and federal regulations for commercial things. And that can be quite onerous.”

After the Code Review Committee makes changes, the proposed animal control ordinance will go to another first reading before the assembly.

The borough assembly unanimously approved an ordinance to change the fines for animal code violations. Some fines were lowered because offenders have to pay court surcharges in addition to the fines. Fines have increased for more serious violations.

The assembly also approved a second reading of an ordinance that aligns municipal election rules with state statutes. It brings the number of petition signatures required to file for candidacy down to 10. Twice as many signatures were previously required.

Finally, the assembly adopted a resolution to support the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan.

The next borough assembly meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 23.