The Wrangell Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday discussed The Bay Company’s request to purchase city-owned land adjacent to its property.

One section is an alleyway that runs between The Bay Company and the Marine Service Center.

“But there is a utility line that goes through there that needs to have an easement in place prior to purchasing the property,” commissioner Don McConachie said.

McConachie said The Bay Company also wants to buy a five-foot portion of Silvernail Work Road.

“To take out a chunk of that road probably is a little bit ridiculous,” McConachie said. “We should deal with the road as a total entity, rather than piecemeal it, because it will cause problems somewhere down the road.”

Commissioners said they want more information before making a decision. The commission will meet later this month to look at the site. The Port Commission will also have a say in the potential sale.