***These are preliminary results from votes cast in person on Oct. 7. There are 80 absentee ballots to be counted and three questioned ballots to be reviewed at the Oct. 9 meeting of the Canvass Board. Election results will be certified at a special Borough Assembly meeting Monday, Oct. 13.

Borough Mayor (2 years)
David Jack: 242
Kipha Valvoda: 59

School Board (3 years)
Susan Eagle: 207
Aleisha Mollen: 100

Assembly Member (3 years)
Mark Mitchell: 235

Assembly Member (3 years)
Stephen Prysunka: 272

Assembly Member (one year)
Becky Rooney:288

Port Commission (3 years)
Walter Moorhead: 284

Hospital Board (4 years)
Beth Blake: 256

Hospital Board (4 years)
Cori Robinson: 262

No letters of intent were filed for write-in candidates, so no write-in votes were counted.