About 400 Wrangell voters took to the polls in Tuesday’s municipal elections.

Unofficial results show incumbent Mayor David Jack was re-elected for another two years after receiving 80 percent of the vote.

In an earlier interview, Jack said his main goal was to move forward with plans for a new hospital.

“It’s a long, slow process, and I know a lot of people are anxious about it,” Jack said.

Kipha Valvoda was the other candidate for mayor. Before the election, he said his priority would be to keep a closer watch on how hydropower is provided to Wrangell. Valvoda also lost the mayoral race to Jack last year.

Incumbent school board president Susan Eagle won another three-year term in the only other contested race.

“The priority this year is meeting the new state standards that are coming into place this year, and making sure our teachers are equipped to deal with those and that our administration has the tools they need as well,” Eagle said.

Eagle received two-thirds of the vote.

Mark Mitchell and Becky Rooney were elected to the Wrangell Borough Assembly after being appointed to fill vacancies earlier this year. Stephen Prysunka was also elected as an assembly member.

Walter Moorhead was elected to the Port Commission.

Beth Blake and Cori Robinson were elected to the hospital board.

There were no letters of intent for write-in candidates, so write-in votes will not be counted. The borough assembly will certify the election results next Monday after absentee ballots are counted.