mariners memorial

This design shows a bird’s-eye view of the proposed Mariner’s Memorial at Heritage Harbor.

The Wrangell Port Commission Thursday reviewed a nearly complete design for the Mariner’s Memorial.

Harbormaster Greg Meissner presented the plan that would put a gazebo and a memorial wall with nameplates at Heritage Harbor.

“There’s still one short phase for the designer, and right now the project he’s working on for us is 95 percent designed,” Meissner said. “100 percent will be when he has a document that has all the pictures, the cost estimate, everything ready for bid so we can take that document, advertise it, and have a contractor come in and build it.”

Meissner said the commission will also have to build up community support for the memorial and find funding.

Commissioners expressed satisfaction with the design.

The Port Commission also discussed harbor parking lot policies after receiving a written complaint about the lack of long-term parking options.

Commissioner Dave Silva said boaters should not expect to leave their cars in a harbor parking lot for more than 30 days.

“There were a certain number of reasons why we wouldn’t want to establish any rules and regulations as to longer term parking than that,” Silva said. “I mean, our parking areas aren’t that big. They’re multi-use.”

The commission is also considering setting standards for boat owners wanting to use Wrangell harbors.

Commissioners said they would not go as far as requiring proof of insurance. But after a boat was left on its side at Shoemaker Bay Harbor for the last few weeks, they want to ensure risky boats do not cause problems for the harbor department.

Meissner told the commission the Marine Service Center’s newest section of pavement is complete. What used to be storage space is now a work area.