roller derby

The Garnet Grit Betties roller derby team takes on the Petersburg Ragnarok Rollers in Wrangell Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014. (Photo by Asia Fisher)

The Garnet Grit Betties won their roller derby bout in Wrangell Saturday against the Petersburg Ragnarök Rollers.

The Wrangell High School gym was packed with spectators who watched the Betties hold on to the lead for the whole bout. The final score was 214 to 151.

Garnet Grit Betties coach and team member Shawna Buness said the bout went well.

“This bout in particular, we had a lot of–we call them ‘freshmeat’ or ‘freshies’–new skaters. So it was pretty cool to see them go out and play and play really well. It was a ‘proud momma’ moment,” Buness said.

It was the second bout hosted in Wrangell, and there are two more home bouts on the schedule for spring.

Buness said roller derby is a complicated sport, but the Betties’ fans are catching on.

“I can tell the crowd here, this is their second time, and they were starting to understand it a little bit more,” Buness said. “They know when to cheer, so that’s always awesome.”

The Betties will go to Ketchikan in February for a bout against the Rainforest Roller Girls.