Wrangell’s Planning and Zoning Commission convened Thursday and continued to discuss the future of Silvernail Work Road.

A corridor through the Marine Service Center is zoned for possible future use as an extension of Silvernail Work Road. The road currently ends at the boat yard gate near the Nolan Center.

Some city officials say the area planned for the road should be vacated.

But Economic Development Director Carol Rushmore disagreed.

“My recommendation is to not vacate Silvernail Work Road,” Rushmore said. “The reason being, I’m looking 50 years into the future. It’s guaranteeing access to that big yard by where the lift area is.”

Commissioner Don McConachie said there are already utilities, a light post and a fence within the area zoned for the road.

“Basically, it’s been ignored,” McConachie said. “Why are we really worrying about whether we vacate it or not if it’s just going to be flat out ignored anyway?”

The commissioners chose to wait for more detailed information on road and boat yard dimensions before proceeding with any decisions.

At the meeting, Terri Henson was re-appointed chair of the commission. Don McConachie was appointed vice chair.