The Wrangell Planning and Zoning Commission voted Thursday to approve The Bay Company’s request to purchase city-owned land adjacent to its property.

The commission’s vote serves as a recommendation to the Borough Assembly, which will make the final decision.

The Bay Company Manager David Powell told the commission he intends to pave the area between the business and the Marine Service Center. But he said he would not pave the alleyway unless he could own the land.

“I want to use it. I want to fill it. I want to make it look right. I’m not going to put $20,000 on city property,” Powell said. “That would make no sense to me. Because at any given time, you guys can say, ‘Well now we’re done. You can’t use that anymore.’”

The commission has been discussing Powell’s request since September. Commissioners voted unanimously to vacate the land and add a 15-foot utility easement for access to the electrical lines that run through the alley.

The Borough Assembly will likely vote on the request later this month.