Project area

Project area

A waterfront planning team is in Wrangell this week to find out how the community wants to develop its downtown waterfront.

At the first public meeting Monday, Wrangell residents shared ideas and hopes for the space between the Marine Service Center and City Dock.

Wrangell Economic Development Director Carol Rushmore said the borough hired Corvus Design to help sort through the different ideas and form a Waterfront Master Plan.

“They’re here to start this whole conversation with us, as a community, to really try to look at some of the short- and long-term aspects of what we can do with our waterfront that will actually benefit our community for the long term,” Rushmore said.

Wrangell already has fill permits to extend the downtown waterfront. Space is limited, but there are some big ideas for the area.

Corvus Design Landscape Architect Chris Mertl said the waterfront master plan should emphasize economic diversity.

“The global goal in this project is to create a mixed-use development that meets the needs of locals, businesses and visitors, and promotes economic opportunities for Wrangell,” Mertl said.

At the meeting, the design team asked Wrangell residents what they would like to see in the master plan.

Common themes included more green space, an expanded Marine Service Center and a walkway connecting City Dock to the Nolan Center. Several residents also thought the barge companies should be moved out of the downtown area, and there should be an additional summer float.

Mertl said the team will incorporate those ideas as they work on the plan. The team is working in the small conference room at the Nolan Center through Wednesday afternoon. Anyone can stop by and offer their ideas for the waterfront.

The planning team is holding another public meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Nolan Center to present conceptual waterfront designs.


Click here to view the website for the planning process.