The Wrangell Borough Assembly Tuesday heard a report on the financial situation of the Wrangell Medical Center.

At the end of last year, the hospital nearly ran out of cash. Some worried the hospital would ask the borough for money.

But interim Chief Financial Officer Olinda White said the hospital’s financial situation is slowly getting better.

“We’re not out of the woods by any means, but we have a much brighter hope than we had before. And we have to keep working on it. If we can get the receivables down below $3 million, I’ll be a lot more optimistic. But right now, we’re holding our own, and we’re able to pay our bills,” White said.

The assembly approved an amendment to the hospital budget that was requested after errors were found in the previous CFO’s calculations.

Assembly members also gave final approval to make the Thomas Bay Power Commission into an advisory committee, to be called upon when needed. The commission was formerly tasked with overseeing the hydropower facility for Wrangell and Petersburg.

The borough assembly hired PND Engineers to design a new float system for Shoemaker Bay Harbor.