The Wrangell Fish and Game Advisory Committee is continuing its effort to change a moose antler regulation affecting local hunters.

The Alaska Board of Game rejected the committee’s proposal last month to redefine “points” for forked moose antlers for the registration hunt in Unit 1C. In that proposal, small points originating from the antler base that are shorter than the ear would not be counted in making a forked antler moose illegal.

Committee members agreed hunters should not be punished for failing to spot points that are less than two inches long.

But the Board of Game indicated it would like to see a more specific proposal.

At a meeting Thursday, Wrangell Advisory Committee members voted unanimously to rewrite the proposal and re-submit it to the Board of Game.

Advisory Committee Chairperson Chris Guggenbickler said he will work with other committee members to rewrite the proposal.

“It has statewide implications. That means that anywhere that they have the spike-fork 50 [inch] regulation in the state, this modification will affect it,” Guggenbickler said. “We want it to pass because we think it’s important to our hunters here.”

The committee also voted to send a letter to state officials requesting the reinstatement of Wrangell’s wildlife trooper.