silvernail work road

The Wrangell Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending the vacation of Silvernail Work Road through the Marine Service Center. This proposal would shrink the road and move it to align with the current driving lane.

The Wrangell Planning and Zoning Commission Thursday approved changes to Silvernail Work Road, the road that goes through the Marine Service Center.

The proposal still needs to be approved by the borough assembly, but it solves an issue that has been discussed at Planning and Zoning meetings since September 2014.

There is a right-of-way for a road that would go through the Marine Service Center. It starts near the Nolan Center, winds through existing boat storage spaces and a building, and it connects to Front Street near Rayme’s Bar. The right-of-way does not align with the current lane that is used to drive through the boat yard.

“So what we’re doing is we’re getting rid of the right of way, but we’re putting in an access easement, a driving lane, through there where the existing driving lane is,” said Economic Development Director Carol Rushmore

Rushmore said she was initially worried about vacating Silvernail Work Road. She said she wanted to make sure there will always be guaranteed access to the boat yard.

The proposed access easement makes that possible.

“So this actually works for the commission, it’s taking care of the lots that need access, long term planning efforts for access, and the port commission will be able to get a lease lot out of it,” Rushmore said.

The zoning change is unlikely to lead to any immediate visible changes, but it could open up a new boat yard lease lot across the street from Rayme’s Bar.

The Bay Company originally wanted to buy a portion of the vacated Silvernail Work Road, but Bay Co. rescinded the request at Thursday’s meeting.