Wrangell’s Parks and Recreation Department is proposing a change in facility fees.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has been working on a new fee schedule for several months. The last proposal was rejected by the borough assembly.

Parks and Recreation Director Kate Thomas said she hopes some of the changes will bring in more revenue.

“What we just established was a community center pass rate,” Thomas said. “With talking to patrons and evaluating the fees as they are, it seemed reasonable to create a pass for that facility where folks like AAU, Garnet Grit Betties, can all purchase annual passes or three-month passes to use the facility for the duration of time that their respective athletic group practices.”

Thomas said pool and gym users will notice an increase in the daily rate, but the monthly rate for an adult will decrease.

“What we’re trying to get folks to do is be bought in to having a monthly or an annual pass because you get your better bang for your buck that way,” Thomas said.

There are also new guidelines for fee assistance based on the state’s poverty level measurements.

The Wrangell Borough Assembly will vote on a first reading of the new fee schedule Tuesday.

Thomas said she thinks the new fee schedule is a good response to the feedback received after the department’s previous attempt at changing fees.

The swimming pool has been open to the public for a few weeks after a five-month closure for repairs.

Thomas said there have been just a few issues.

“Overall, things have been running smooth. And despite the shortage of staff, we’re still able to maintain consistent programming for the public,” Thomas said.

Next up in pool maintenance is a redesign of the pool roof.