map of land transfer

This map shows the parcel at Sunny Bay on the Cleveland Peninsula that was transferred to the City and Borough of Wrangell.

Wrangell’s Economic Development Committee met Monday to finish its initial review of about 9,000 acres of entitlement lands.

The State of Alaska transferred a few parcels of land to the City and Borough of Wrangell, and local committees are tasked with figuring out how to zone the new land.

Land was transferred to the borough at Olive Cove, Thoms Place, Wrangell Island West, Crittenden Creek, Mill Creek, Wrangell Island East, Earl West, Sunny Bay and on Zarembo Island.

Committee members discussed what they would like to see the land used for in each location. Options include selling land for residential, recreational and commercial use, timber harvest and agriculture.

Economic Development Director Carol Rushmore said this is just a general discussion of land use, and there will be public hearings later in the process.

“We’ll be addressing this a lot more. This is just the very early step of discussions,” Rushmore said. “Once we get something more formal to lay out, then people will have an opportunity to really come in and say something.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission is also working on ideas for land use and has yet to complete its initial review of the entitlement lands.